Sunday, September 16, 2018

Breaking News! President Trump Abolishes ICE and reverses course on Border Wall

After seeing a video on Fox news of a man being torn away from his family in San Diego and his children and wife crying, President Trump expressed remorse about how ICE has been hurting families even since before his presidency.  The newcomer politician seems to have realized and learned, perhaps quicker than his last two predecessors, just how damaging separating families can be, not only to the family itself but to the economy and well being of American citizens as well.

His tweet at 3:18am this morning:

Incarcerate?  Detain?  How bout educate and integrate?  Much cheaper!  and the border walls are costing 100 billion now.  Mexico can't pay and we pay and they keep coming any way! DUMB!  SAD!

20 minutes later at 3:39 am he continued the tweet: need workers for our economy.   No friends in Mexico equals BAD DEAL for US.  We need their oil or our gas prices will go up!  VERY BAD!

Many left-leaning high profile figures are slowly starting to loosen their anti-Trump stance and are starting to embrace Trump's border policy after seeing this evolving stance:

Bernie Sanders tweeted:

"It is with some skepticism and suspicion that I support this apparent step in the right direction to help the poorest among us and improve the lifestyle of the working class in the US."

The newest rock star on the left, 28 year-old Alejandra Ocasio Cortez, who recently ousted 16 term Joe Crowley in for the democratic Senate primary seat in her district in the Bronx NY tweeted:

"So glad that in the wealthiest country in the world, it appears President Trump wants to take a step toward creating a country where no one is too poor to live."

While left wingers have started to come around, Trump's base is furious:

"How are we supposed to stop people from invading our land?   We have no country if we don't have borders!  It's time for a revolution and, if Trump won't support us, we'll have to find another way to make sure the white man is treated fairly."  Said Robert Smitherson to a local news station who visited him while driving his lawnmower tractor in his front yard in the small town of Ackley, Arkansas.

Others have talked of rioting and locking up the "real" criminal Hillary Clinton.  "Why is she still free?  What are we going to do about her emails and and.. What about Obamacare?  This is America.  My doctor bills have tripled since that man changed coverage and now you want open borders so terrorists and MS-13 can hurt us and people come can take our jobs?  Maybe some of them are good people, but we're good people too.  We're losing our cultural and American values."  said Mr. Smitherson's neighbor, Mack Mckinley.

Helen Reagan, a retired restaurant owner, and faithful Trump supporter, however, is sticking by "her man."  She was nice enough to talk to us during her sunset bourbon she enjoys every evening sitting on the porch of her home in the Florida panhandle to explain why she still supports Donal Trump despite his apparent shift in policy on immigration.   "He's a smart businessman.  He knows how the economy works and he says things like they are.  He's not a polititian and that's a good thing.  He's still my man."

If this trend continues, we might see Trump re-elected but for completely different reasons than anyone would've imagined.  This man really appears to be a genius strategist.  Just when the US populous is starting to lean left, he decides to endorse and represent where America is going as being  more and more connected with people of other nations.   He even called France's president Emmanuel Macron to let him know he plans to re-join the Paris accord on climate change.

He seems to be especially recognizing our connection with Mexico whose populous has become part of the American fabric and vice-versa with 100s of thousands of people crossing the border legally a day both ways to see family, do business, and explore to make new friends.

 Latest tweet at 4:15 am this morning:
"We should make this connection easier on folks, not harder.  No talking equals BAD DEAL...
I'm talking to Marconi and the new president Obrador (or AMLO I learned the Mexicans say), great guy really taking charge,... meet me at the border for a friendly three-way hand-shake through the barrier at Friendship Park in San Diego"

Advisory Note:  This article is complete fiction and intends to convey a "literary truth" or a truthful message within a fictional piece.  None of the events actually occurred, the tweets by well-known public figures are invented, and the other people and their home towns quoted are not real.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

No sé por qué te beso

No sé por qué te beso por la tarde
No sé por qué te beso por la mañana
No sé por qué te beso por todas partes... de Tijuana
Desde la cabeza hasta la cinco y diez
No sé por qué te subo las colinas del cerro colorado para besarte encima
No sé por qué me deslizo por la via rápida a 2000
Al Rio
No sé por qué Alamar-nos lleva al chaparral
Siento el aliento de la boca
que nos jala por la línea aguantándonos en el precipicio
No sé por qué te empujo con un beso al final, nos caemos amortiguados al jardín binacional
Donde nos amamos entre las amapolas

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Don't "fight" the Trump admin

After reading Fire and Fury and learning in depth what goes on with the Trump adimin I realize they work off conflict.  So if liberals "fight" back it only makes the admin get stronger cause their base is built on and feeds on criticism of liberals, fighting with them.  With this admin, more than any other, I think the best strategy is to contiue to move forward despite any obstacles they put up, obstacles are always there anyway.  Keep your eye on the ball and let them throw temper tantrums if they want.  If their tantrums hurt people protect them as best we can.

Monday, January 1, 2018

To those of you who say war can solve problems, even as a last resort, I say war, the build up to it, the preparation for it, and the psychological issues that motivate it  ARE the problem.  There is no solution that war can provide that peace can't and there is no level of peace that is unreachable without war.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

My lonely motorcycle

My motorcycle scooter has a really good motor, 22,000 miles and it's still going strong.  It's a Honda, of course it's still working.  The plastic front is broken and would be falling off it weren't for the twisty ties holding it on to the dashboard. It's got the classic Honda Elite scooter look with the flat front that makes the dashboard look like someone holding their arms up to cover their face in shame. The tail lights and the rear break lights are out.  I don't know why and I've been meaning to fix them. It's hurting but knows it can still run and it just keeps going even though it needs help.  I just hope it doesn't crash and burn some day or, if it does, that it'll get rebuilt and will live the rest of it's life in better shape.
Last night I had a dream that I was sitting on an unfamiliar couch with my Mom who was curled up fast asleep in a sitting position with her feet propped up on the cushions.  Somehow she woke up and was slurring her speech not making much sense.  I told myself she was just groggy from being woken up in order to stifle the thought that she had been drinking again.  She claimed to be sober for almost 34 years even though I caught her in another dream which in this dream seemed like reality so i guess this was a continuation or recurrence of the same nightmare.  As she slurred her speech and couldn't really focus on me or anything the fear became stronger.  I thought, at 45 years old and her at 75 that this is just like when I was ten, when the person I loved and needed the most would trick me by having her physical self there right in front of me while completely disappearing.  I grabbed her water bottle and took a sip. It tasted like vodka.  How could you do this I said as I walked to the other side of the long still unfamiliar house to dump it out in the kitchen sink on the opposite side of the room some 40 ft away.  She realized what was going on and was making a failing, flailing attempt with her long skinny arms to defend and justify.  "How could it be that you're drinking again? This is the second time I've seen it and I don't even live with you."  I said crying from a distance.  Her head shook conveying the drunken "this is all fucked up" message and she bowed her head as her arms went up to cover her face and I looked at her as she turned into my lonely motorcycle.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fabricating scaricty and generating violence

Why is that weeding is an endless job?  I have a garden that is growing and I can't keep up with the weeds, the invasives.  I need help, I recruit volunteers, we weed and it looks great for a while.  I'm happy cause the garden looks good, all clean, no weeds.  I tend to my garden and catch one of those nasty weeds popping up and get'em.  Then I leave for a couple weeks and come back and their all back even worse than before I recruited my volunteers, so I recruit some more.  One day, several years ago, I climbed to the top of the highest hill in Tijuana, El Cerro Colorado.  There were no people around and I looked at the plants, they were all native plants, no weeds.  How is that possible, I thought, no one weeds here?  How is that we spend hours and hours weeding my garden and never finish and yet here, there are no weeders and no weeds?

Why is it that stopping terrorists is a never ending job? If we have helicopteres and border walls and jet skis and armed guards with flack jackets and helmets and guns in vehicles that are stationed and roaming back and forth along a high speed corridor that cuts through the contours of a borderless sacred land.  Why is it that as the war on terror has created ever more sophisticated equipment to find and route out terrorists has increased so has terrorism?  Why is it that when I go to Mexico, they don't have this protection that hovers around open lands vigilant to any danger and yet there are no Islamic extremists or anyone wanting to bomb their sky scrapers?  Why are the only so-called terrorists in Mexico the ones who fight against the armed militia trained at the institute of the americas?  Why is it that the only time people terrorize other people in Mexico is when plan Mérida is implemented to create war machines to protect its people?

Why is it that when I plant brocoli, it grows and grows and when it's all out the leaves continue to grow and no matter how much a lady harvests for her children the leaves keep coming back, in fact the more she harvests, the more they come back?  Why is it that when there are fields of monoculture it some how is finite and runs out at the grocery store?  Could it be that we fabricate scaricty and generate violence?

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Beach thought

If I had a ladder, I would lean it on the light of the stars, climb over the sea, and hang from the moon, glimmering in the night.

If I had a rope I would lasso the sun and climb up through an opening in the clouds to lay on the songs of birds.

If I were an indigenous plant, I would grow dark green in the shadow of a menacing barrier and reach through the lines of sunlit cracks to bloom yellow petals and a brown stigma on the other side.

If I were a kite, I would tie my string down to my mother's womb and soar above the divide to find myself in the sky.

If I could live as long as a rock, I would tell the story of how I burst out of middle earth in a fiery passion that lasted a human lifetime only to cool down, solidify, and observe millions of years of experiences that could only be explained in irrational dreams.